Monday, August 20, 2007

After a Long Hiatus

It's been forever since I've blogged last, and you, who are reading this, have definitely been missed. Things have been wonderfully busy, and look like they'll keep on being that way, except even more wonderfully, in this year of the Mizzou Ph.D. program.

The journal of radical formalism will possibly be edited by Steve Schroeder, instead of myself, which will work wonderfully, since Steve has the expertise, the prowess as poet/editor, and the time. I'll be assistant director of Mizzou's Center for Literary Arts, a really cool job which will lead to yet greater opportunities, I'm sure.

Another exciting development (of many) is that I've successfully lobbied the wonderful Shannon Petrello to do visual responses to poems of my Edward Weston sequence. It's a rare opportunity for me, since she's a really talented photographer, who has done wonderful things with collage.

Yet another is that Tom Mandrake, the amazing illustrator whose work includes some of the most current issues of Detective, is considering working with my Batman sonnet novella. He's a very busy guy, but has graciously offered to take a look at them.

The symposia on Elliptical poetry, too, are coming wonderfully ahead, thanks to Joan Houlihan and many other, very helpful people. Colorado Review and Laurel Review will definitely be running a couple of them, and APR and jubilat are tentatively on board. The truly wonderful list of participants will be a real honor to work with.

Finally, writing is going wonderfully, thanks to reading (Keats and Walcott, with a nice sprinkling of Jessica Fisher's beautiful book) and a very good life. Hope yours is, too.


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