Saturday, May 09, 2009

Craig Arnold

Sorry for taking forever between blog entries, and thanks for reading this one. Yesterday, the team searching for Craig Arnold seems to have found his trail in such a place and way that he probably fell from a high cliff. His incredibly brave brother, Chris, and the other members of the team, are going to its base to see what they can find, and there is still time for a miracle. In the last couple of days, what's been coming back to me about Craig is his generosity of spirit, that shows not only in his work but in his way of encouraging others in theirs--like a friend heading toward a shared horizon, no one's property, open to everyone who felt that strange urgency to search.

As so many of us have been searching for him electronically and internally in the last few days, that automatic process of trying to find his trail up the mountain has come--how deep its greens and the multiform shadow of its peak, how blue the other Japanese islands dyed by the ocean between them and him, how infinitely soft and full of molten things the calm on the volcano must have been to listen and lean into. What a necessary courage his work had and has, not just in blazing those spaces, but in the natural, most heroic move to take us with him. Please keep his family and loved ones in your thoughts and prayers.