Saturday, August 25, 2007

More Amazing News

A couple of days ago, my contributor's copies of Best American Poetry 2007 came, and (I can tell you this without feeling self-conscious, since we're not in the same place) I cried because of how absolutely cool it was. Heather McHugh picked some amazing poems, and it's incredibly humbling to have mine included with them. Copies of it aren't on bookstore shelves yet, but I recommend it, more for the selections by Kazim Ali, Robert Hass, Ben Lerner, and many more, than mine.

More to amaze: it looks like Jonathan Caouette, the director of "Tarnation," might be coming to the Ragtag Theater in Columbia, MO, for a showing of his film, along with his being available for discussion. Jonathan is an incredibly friendly guy, who immediately said yes to the possibility, and Paul at the Ragtag was great about promising to fit him in for April, 2008.

The most amazing thing to happen lately: my mom, a wonderful, 60-year-old woman with a great sense of Presbyterian values, and enough of a sturdy grounding in tradition to have raised me and my three brothers to all fly right, love God, and eat nutritiously, got her nose pierced. I'm still in shock :). Rock on, Mom. And you. Have a great day.


Blogger Poetrix Viridis said...

Best American Poetry, a Fullbright in the works, and I don't even know what all--you get on with your amazing self. This is VB, and I don't appear to have a current email address for you. I have some news myself, though not as much as you appear to have. Get in touch!

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